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    3 Things a Shepherd does from Psalm 23:1

    December 6, 2019

    Jesus is our Great Shepherd. This commonly quoted verse “the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want” is also translated in the above photo as “the Lord tends me and not one thing lacks for me”. Lack means to fall short, be inferior, come behind or be in need.

    1.Shepherds feed their sheep

    We need physical food for our bodies. So this Scripture ensures He will provide that basic need for us His children. But we also need spiritual food. God’s Word feeds our spirits and keeps them growing. Every day He will lead us to some green pastures in the Bible where we can sustain our spiritual growth. And then we need water and He leads us beside still waters. His Spirit speaks peacefully to us.

    2.Shepherds lead their sheep

    Throughout life’s journey we have different terrain we pass. Some days are pleasant ones. Some days the way is rocky and we may fall and hurt ourselves. The Good Shepherd will heal the wounds. Some days the storms blow and we feel we can’t survive. Those days the Shepherd hides us in His arms of protection and calms us.

    3.Shepherds stay with their sheep

    Jesus told us He would never leave us or forsake us. However there are days when we wander from Him. And even then, He will pursue us to bring us out of danger. Sometimes He uses people to call us or a pastor to preach a message that pulls us out of a wrong direction. Not only will Jesus never leave us, He will provide a flock where we are never alone. It’s important to stay in our flock and be protected.


    The Lord is my Shepherd. He ensures I never fall short. I am never inferior. I don’t come behind. He never leaves me. He leads me through every stage of life. He brings me all I need. Today He feeds me physically and spiritually and I am full of His love.

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