Faith comes by hearing not praying (Romans 10:17)

May 13, 2020

Faith or belief or persuasion come only one way- by continually hearing. It works in every area of life. Faith that you can accomplish something comes from continually listening to your inner voice telling you that you can. Conversely, faith in the negatives of life comes the same way. For example, you may have been raised with a pessimistic outlook about your abilities. You may have been told you wouldn’t amount to much and over time of hearing this and believing it, you begin to believe it.

The Bible has much to say about faith and how it comes- and how it goes. Let’s look at this verse today.

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Rom 10:17 KJV

Faith can come and it can go

Faith is also translated as persuasion or conviction or assurance or belief. I think of faith somewhat like physical strength which can be developed or depleted. Faith is of the spirit and can be fed to grow by continually listening to whatever you need faith to accomplish. We feed our faith and exercise our faith so it can grow and develop.

Faith comes by continuing to hear

Faith for most anything doesn’t occur the first time you hear. In order to receive Jesus as Savior you had to hear about Him a few times and then you began to believe. That’s faith in action. The seed of the Word of God was planted in your spirit until you began to believe Jesus was your savior. Then you acted upon that conviction. Faith is not mental. Faith does not grow because you pray for it. Faith comes and grows because you feed your spirit. This works for anybody positively or negatively.

 Faith in God’s Word will produce a good harvest

Only God’s Word will produce the kind of happy and joyful harvest in your life. Everybody is feeding their faith on something. God’s Word is a seed that contains the ability within it to produce what you need. His Word is not a vapor or an illusion or merely a mental thought. Conversely, the devil and even our own self-talk can jeopardize our lives. This is why we continually assess our lives and the fruit we are producing. If we don’t like the weed, then pull out the seed! If we want a harvest of strength, then we must plant words of God like “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


  • What words are you listening to that are not producing for you?
  • What does God’s Word say about the situation?
  • If you have prayed and not seen an answer- stop and get a scripture from God’s Word that answers your need and begin to read it and say it over yourself continually

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