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    2 Things your VIP seating obtains

    March 25, 2020

    The best seats at a banquet are reserved for VIPs. Only those who are invited can occupy these chosen seats. The speaker of the house has a reserved VIP seat from which he or she presides. Do you know that every Christian is a VIP with God and has chosen seating in His audience?  You inherited this VIP seating when you received Jesus as your personal Savior.

    Ephesians 2:6  states “And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus”

    When Jesus died in our place and rose again He did it for you and with you.  In other words, He represented you and the scriptures say we are crucified with Christ. In other words, Jesus took you with Him on the cross and then when He rose from death, He brought you with Him. Now we have VIP family status and can sit together in Christ Jesus. In Christ Jesus is a VIP place. We obtain that status simply by accepting Jesus as Savior. We can’t add to it by our good works. Our mistakes and sins don’t keep us from approaching Him either. We are in the family and belong. Of course we don’t want to grieve our loving Father, so when we sin, we quickly repent because we want to stay close to Him (just like we are tender with any relationship with someone we love and don’t want to offend or hurt them). Once we ask for forgiveness, God freely gives it to us and we are restored.

    VIP seating gives you an open approach to God

    This means there is an open invitation in heaven for your presence in worship and praise to God. You have reserved seating because you are God’s child. You are not cowering in fear of rejection or fear that you don’t belong. You can come boldly to the throne of God in the name of Jesus. You belong there because you’re born of the Spirit of God. Since God neither sleeps or rests or is on vacation, this means you have twenty-four seven access.

    Your VIP seating gives you position in prayer

    But there is also another application and that means you also can do kingdom business in prayer from that position. Imagine you were born into a wealthy family. Just because you have that surname of the wealthy father, you can use that name to do business. In the same way, we have been born again into God’s family and so we have the right to the name of Jesus. We use that name in worship. We also use that name in prayer.

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