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How to Know and Believe God’s Love

November 4, 2019

I know God loves me and so do you. But sometimes when we have disappointed ourselves with our bad behavior or lack of obedience we can have trouble believing God still loves us. Just like we had to believe Jesus saved us before we felt like it, we have to believe God still loves us when we don’t feel it.

Believe God Loves You when you don’t feel it

Feeling unloved can be the result of many things. When I miss it and know it, I have to admit it and ask forgiveness. That’s just what we do in any relationship to keep our fellowship alive. We have to believe God hears us. We have to believe He forgives us. We have to forgive ourselves. We have to believe His love for us regardless of how we have let ourselves and others down. I’m not glossing over sin. I’m asking forgiveness for it. And mercy to help me out of the mess I have made. But I cannot allow sin to separate me from God’s love. It has no power over the believer unless we allow it. We overcome our past by believing God can put the situation back together.

Believing God’s love is place of victory

I remember in a worship service a line with music came to me. “I know and believe the love God has for me” and found myself repeating this because it was something the Spirit of God was wanting us to understand and act upon. We can know God’s love but the action is that I choose to believe and I choose to forget the past and I choose to believe God’s mercy can make a way out. The place of condemnation is never a place of victory. Doubting God’s love to you is never wise. God wants to draw you near and help you.

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