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    2 Tips to perform fearlessly

    December 31, 2019

    As a kid I was petrified by fear. I didn’t know how to combat it so it kept me from performing my best publicly. This scripture has helped me immensely. The tips below have helped me overcome fear by changing my focus.

    1.Focus on others not yourself

    Do you have musicians with ability and anointing but are fearful to perform? Obviously confidence comes from practice. But sometimes fear is lack of focus.  When I have young students performing at recitals, I encourage them to think about giving a gift to the people that are listening. Using this scripture as a basis- first of all recognize that fear doesn’t come from God- so it must be resisted. Then “do it afraid” or don’t allow the fear to keep you from giving or performing. which means I focus my thoughts correctly that God is my source and help and people are the focus of my love. I don’t have to be perfect to still give a gift to someone. I don’t have to have the best performance in the room or even of my life to still be giving my best at that time.

    2.Rely on God’s help

    We must believe that our gift is God-given. The gift may be musical or administrative or service. But acknowledging God as the gift-giver means you are not self-reliant.  Love is our attitude in playing or singing music. I have a gift I want to share. I don’t rely on myself. I pray before I perform or minister and trust God to help me do my best. Fear is of the enemy and its purpose is to paralyze you into not giving to someone else. There will always be someone who can perform better than you. Give YOUR BEST- not THE BEST.


    • Do I recognize fear and cast it down when I need to perform?
    • Do I focus on God’s power and ability in me to help when I perform?
    • Is my motivation selfish or do I set it on loving the people I am serving with my music?
    • Do I set my mind on the words and message or on what people think of me?

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