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    3 ways to improve worship song Transitions

    January 3, 2020

    If you’re like me, I used to practice songs but not transitions between songs in a service. Since I think there should be a flow between songs, these must be practiced as much as the songs themselves.

    1.Assign who will start each song

    Each song has a different introduction. Sometimes the drummer leads it. Sometimes the piano plays a soft intro or even solo. When the band knows who is leading the instrumental intro, then it helps the flow immensely. During practice I like to mark the top of each piece with Drum intro or piano solo intro as a reminder who is to take the instrumental lead-in.

    2.Determine how to finish each song

    Again, depending on where the songs are placed in the service, linking songs is vital for the service to be more than a concert. Sometimes 2 songs medley together and you want to flow them seamlessly. Other times the songs are abruptly different either in style or key or feel. Then you may want to end one song completely and start the next after a break. Regardless, I usually think a piano pad will link the previous song with the final chord and then fade as the new song begins.

    3 Decide how to finish the praise service

    Usually the worship leader will decide if he plans to spend some time following the last song in free worship. If so, we think it helps to plan the chord loop you will use and practice this so the band knows what progression of chords you will use. Perhaps the final song is victorious and lends to praise and an upbeat response. What chords will you use to help this? Sometimes an upbeat bridge is the key to a good upbeat chord sequence.

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