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    Is your faith contagious?

    July 22, 2020

    When you meet somebody, your faith and expectation are contagious. They can be picked up by your face and your words. They can be “caught” and change the atmosphere around you. Believers have peace that God will come through. Believers have joy because they have such a great relationship with Jesus. Believers have love even when people are unlovely. That love is shed abroad in our hearts and spills out. I think the following scripture says it well:

    “I pray that everyone who meets you may catch your faith and learn from you how wonderful it is to live in Christ.” Philemon 6 Laubach Translation

    • Let our smiles promote hope today
    • Let our peace be demonstrated in how we treat others
    • Let our love find somebody to shower a kind word today
    • Let our joy break through somebody’s discouragement
    • Let our hope shed some light on a dark situation
    • This scripture is my prayer for you today!

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