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3 Important Ways Singing praise will help you

September 29, 2020

Songs of Faith are more than entertainment. In this article, we will examine 3 important ways songs of faith will help us.

1. Songs of faith teach us truth

Praise, worship and hymn songs should be full of Scripture truth. Songs we sing should be full of truth as well as speak to us personally. They carry the ability to teach and encourage us. They can teach us who God is and also what we have as a result of redemption. “Great is thy faithfulness” teaches me that God will never leave me. “Jesus loves me” teaches me the truth Jesus cares and will never forsake me.  I like to think of the worship service as a sermon that teaches. I ask myself “what is the purpose of this song?” What does it remind me or encourage or challenge me to do?

2. Songs of faith are memory devises

They serve as tools to remind us of truths we embrace. The more truth is real to you, the more a song will mean to you. Just as faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, so faith comes through the Scripture in songs. These help us remember truth. So we need to be intentional with the songs we hear and sing because they carry influence in our lives. Not only does it encourage us while we sing in the service, it will also serve as a memory device that we sing all week long.

3. Songs of faith build us 

Spiritually the words of songs build up our spirits. But our souls are encouraged as well. Singing is just good for us because through music we involve our minds, our wills and our emotions (which comprise our soul). Plus a good physical work-out comes when we actively engage our bodies, hands and sing with lots of energy!

So keep singing praises! It’s good for you!

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