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Devotion for People Pleasers

September 25, 2020

For much of my life I was a people pleaser. It was very unpleasant to me that anyone would be unhappy with me. When you get in this rut, you live much of your life doing things you don’t choose. You never are really happy with yourself. And more importantly, you sometimes won’t please God when you please other people.

Always pleasing people is an impossible task.

When that is my goal, I realize I cannot please everyone every time. So, I can choose who I want to please with every service, every song and every response. In the past I have not always helped people, because I feared their rejection. I don’t look for confrontation. But I don’t fear it either. It is unpleasant, but not as painful as displeasing God. Whether you are serving as a worship leader or in another capacity you will always get input from various people. Most people who express strong opinions are displeased!

I am growing to be a God-pleaser.

Since I can’t please multiple people, I must choose which person I will please. God is the only one who guarantees when we seek Him He will reward.  He is truly the One I seek to please.  I am rewarded for obeying His will. I am guided by His principles and His purposes. At times God’s will puts you at odds with other people.

The Lord helps me.

What a powerful truth. The Lord helps me know what to do. He helps me to know when to do.The Lord helps me know how to say it. No matter how difficult, He give me grace to bravely do what is right- even when it displeases someone. I shrink from displeasing Him. It’s not as though He shakes a finger at me either. My own spirit convicts me that I haven’t given Him first place.  But the joy when I do obey leaves me fulfilled.


  1. Who do you seek to please when you plan your worship service?
  2. Who do you fear displeasure from at this point in your life?
  3. Can you say The Lord helps me so I choose not to be afraid of people?

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