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    2 Actions to Make Jesus Known

    December 4, 2019

    I think one of the reasons the early church was so successfully making disciples to Jesus was that their purpose was clear. They remembered the commission to go and make disciples and used everything at their disposal to do this. The commission hasn’t changed for us today. “None of them said that the things they had were their own”.

    Act 4:32  The whole group of believers was united in their thinking and in what they wanted. None of them said that the things they had were their own. Instead, they shared everything.

    Act 4:33  With great power the apostles were making it known to everyone that the Lord Jesus was raised from death. And God blessed all the believers very much.

    Sharing Our Lives

    Are we willing to let the team use our house for a meeting? Are we willing to share our guitar with another member? Are we possessive of our seat in church or our position? Am I willing to let another lead or play the set today? Possessions can be things that are purchased or positions we have attained. But seasons change and it may be time for another to take the spot I have had. Will you be the one to bring food for the group?

    Preferring Others

    If we all have the attitude that the greater good is the goal, then we will willingly step back and share. Just because I have always done this (led worship or played the piano) is not reason to continue to do so if another rises up and God wants me in another position. Acts 4:33 says they kept the focus on making Jesus known. And the result was “God blessed all the believers very much”. When you give up your position, God will also bless you as well as the person receiving the position or use of what you possess.

    Everything I own is a gift from God to be shared.


    • When someone rises up to take my position- am I willing to share?
    • Am I willing to use my car to take someone to church?
    • Am I willing to host at my house?
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