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    2 ways to receive more from God’s Word (Proverbs 4:20)

    June 3, 2020

    Every day we listen to words. But when we listen to God’s Words both audibly and then internally, these words produce spectacular results. Today we want to talk about what it means to attend to God’s Word.

    Proverbs 4:20 My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.

    This is directed to sons. We are sons of God through our Lord Jesus. These are the sayings of our Heavenly Father. Wise sons listen to the advice given by their older parents.

    1. Attend to my words

    To attend to something is to pay close attention. To attend is not to be distracted. First of all we have to take time to listen to the Word of God either by reading it or hearing someone preach it or teach it. Let’s be honest. How many times do we choose to listen to TV over reading our Bibles? We forget that God our Heavenly Father wants to talk to us about life. He wants to direct us and correct us. He wants things to be well with us. That’s why over and over we are instructed to take time with God to hear Him talk to us. When we attend to God, we shut off the TV and the cell phone and don’t allow ourselves to be distracted. This kind of attention means we are purposely expecting to hear something from God through His Word and His Spirit speaking to us through His Word by applying it to our lives. To attend also means to pay close attention. It means to prick your ears. There are many sounds around us. But God’s voice is a still small voice and we will miss it unless we set aside a specific time and internally shut off the “to do list” and the distractions. When you value someone, you will take time to make a date with them and hang on every word. Let’s stir ourselves up to do this !

    2.Incline your ear to My Sayings

    It’s one thing to physically hear something. It’s another thing to want to hear it so we’re hanging on every word. Inclining is stretching or bending ourselves inwardly. It’s desire and passion. But it also includes yielding your will and being willing to not only hear, but do what He has said. It involves listening closely and not passively. Do you remember a time when you were saying goodbye and the parting words were so vital you wanted to remember them? That’s the kind of inclining this passage describes.

    So here’s your challenge this week.

    Don’t merely read and forget what you read.

    Determine to attend to understand and incline to do what you read.

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