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    How to Keep Worship Services Fresh

    September 7, 2020

    Cookie cutters are great when you want uniform cookies every time. But cookie cutters really don’t work to create worship services. Worship services that become boring are sometimes due to the fact we aren’t sensitive to the seasons. I’m not talking about winter, spring and summer. I’m talking about the times when the church just needs something special in the worship service.

    I like to seek the purpose of the worship service when I’m planning it.

    • Does the church need celebrating from the winter dreariness? Iowa winters are sunless and it affects people. We plan more upbeat celebrating songs in the winter.
    • Do we need to be reminded of Jesus’ love today?
    • Do we need to emphasize the work of the Holy Spirit?
    • Is the service primarily a teaching series that we need to compliment in its theme?
    • Do we need a season of unhurried worship?

    Churches have seasons of need just like individuals. A worship team must be sensitive to these seasons and help the congregation seek God during them. In addition to the obvious Easter, Christmas season music seasons, there are many others. There are seasons of prayer. There are seasons of outreach. Each requires a different music set.

    How do you know in what season your church is?

    1.Ask God to show you

    2.Talk with your Pastor to see what he is going to be preaching on each month (or week if it isn’t a series).

    3. Watch people as you sing your songs. If they are vibrant, they are responding to your choices. If not, then why not?

    Prayer: Father, show me what the season of our church is in right now. I ask You to lead me with the songs I choose so that they help our congregation seek You. I ask that You show me what individuals need this week. In Jesus’ name I believe You lead me and direct me. Amen

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