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    Leadership Personal Devotions

    God won’t ever leave you

    August 10, 2020

    Nothing is as painful as a friend forsaking you. Nothing hurts more than a team member leaving. It’s hard not to feel it personally. I want to encourage you today that we have all felt betrayal or disloyalty at some level. Jesus understands and was betrayed too. He was perfect and yet people left him.  God promises to be loyal to you.  His unfailing love will give you strength when you feel alone. Trust Him to bring the team you need.

    No matter how many people fail you, God has promised emphatically not to fail you.

    No matter who has given up on you, God has a plan for you.

    Even if you are the only person on your team- God won’t leave you without support.

    He won’t forsake you in any situation.

    He won’t let you down or fail to show up for your important situation.

    He won’t relax His hold on you when the storms feel like they may blow you over.


    • When others let me down- do I turn to God for help?
    • When I don’t feel close to God- do I still believe He is there for me?
    • When I feel storm-tossed, do I recognize that He is with me in the storm helping me through?
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