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    3 things Jesus’ peace brings us

    July 7, 2020

    Peace on earth is the will of everybody, right? Even beauty pageants share the goal for world peace. I received a Christmas card this week with the words “Peace and Love”. So what exactly is peace?  My favorite definition of peace is “nothing missing and nothing broken”. This covers your personal spirit, soul and body as well as relationships and then how they affect the marriage, family, church, government and the world.

    1. Jesus brings us peace with God

    Since we were alienated from God by our sin, Jesus made peace with God by His blood. When you accept the fact you are forgiven and born into God’s family by accepting Jesus as Savior, then you have peace with God.

    2. Jesus brings us peace within

    Jesus brings His very peace. Jesus stated in John 14:27 (GW) “I’m giving you my peace”. Peace is not merely an absence of problem or conflict. Peace is an actual force- just as love or joy are real. His peace passes all understanding and keeps our minds and hearts at rest.

    3. Jesus brings us peace with others

    When you have peace with God and then are at peace within yourself, you are on the way to living at peace with others. In spite of conflicts and bumping heads with one another, there is peace in forgiveness. There is peace is reconciling a relationship. And we have been given the authority and responsibility to reconcile the world.

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