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How to be financially Content

October 27, 2020

Being content with your financial position means enjoying the process it takes to build wealth. For most of us it doesn’t happen overnight! Lean years are trusting years where you see God perform amazing financial miracles for you. Bountiful years cause you to thank God for His blessing. There will always be someone better off financially. But there will always be someone far less blessed than you. The key to financial contentment is to be grateful that you are supplied by God.

The Hebrew word for “want” as used in  Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want” means lack, failure, lessening, bereavement, or decrease. When Jesus is the Shepherd of your life there are none of these “wants”in your life. You will increase not decrease. You will be supplied and not lack. You will win and not fail. Even setbacks are not permanent because you look to God to increase you.

When you get in covenant with God’s plan of tithing, He will see to it you never want. I have seen this in my life and in others. Simply letting God be lord over your finances and put Him first will yield great rewards. He wants you richly supplied.

There are few “get rich quick schemes” but with God there is always increase. It may not be this week, but reward will come. It never takes anything away from God to bless you financially. He has plenty for everyone, so you won’t take it from somebody else either.

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