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Are you leading with emotional stability?

September 28, 2020

We may be serving in our position because of our schooling and ability. But we will only succeed because of our stability. Being stable and calm and cool and suffering hardship are part of ministry and life. Most of the time it is situations with people that will challenge our calm and cool response.

When I attended Bible school, I met some extremely anointed and gifted people. Some of them are continuing to do amazing things for God’s kingdom. But there are a few that have quit. They chose not to suffer the hardships. When things got hard they decided it wasn’t worth to cost.

What are the things we suffer as leaders? We suffer doing the right thing when it would be easier to do the wrong thing. (It’s easier to become bitter than to forgive). We suffer being responsible instead of being lazy. We suffer insult and take the blame when others may have missed it. We may suffer with insufficient finances for our teams. (I always remember we could be living on the American frontier with not a musical instrument in sight).

Why do we put up with the suffering? Because Jesus gave us His example. Because He suffered, we were given life. What are my hardships compared to what He bore for me? They are worth the cost. God always rewards our suffering.


  • How calm and cool am I when people frustrate me?
  • How steady am I when everything seems to fall apart?
  • What is my attitude when suffering a hardship?

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