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September 15, 2020

Never forget we each have a divine calling to the family of God we serve and the world we are trying to reach. The life we lead all week long and not just what we project from the platform is so vital. Our behavior at Walmart and with the insurance adjuster are just as important as leading in the church. Positions in the church are not proof that we are walking worthy or the calling. Positions are responsibility. We have a responsibility to live the life we preach. People are watching every word and action and attitude both on the platform and off. How we treat others matters.

Parents learn very quickly that everything they say and do will be copied by their children. I learned to ask forgiveness from my daughter when I didn’t act correctly. It is not that we are perfect. But we ask for mercy from those we offend. Busyness is no excuse for rudeness anywhere.

Ministry is more than programs and services. It is how we treat one another while we are in the practice as well as the service. Do we consider the lives of those on our team when we schedule a practice? Are we prepared and do everything we can to make the practice as meaningful but time efficient so we don’t waste others precious time? The goal is team growth and not just a service plan. Praying for your team is one of the best ways to get God’s heart for them.


  • Do you pray for your team members weekly?
  • Do you plan every practice so that time is not wasted?
  • Do you live on and off the platform with behavior that credits God’s summons?

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