3 Ways to build up team members

September 11, 2020

How do you positively build up your team members?

Aunt Joan’s funeral was the first time I realized some of the amazing things she had done and the way she had impacted so many. Why do we wait until a person dies to give them a eulogy? Eulogize mans to praise highly in speech or writing. Here are  3 ways to eulogize the living teams with which we serve.

Paul made it a point to write and tell his Ephesian brothers how much he was thankful for them while they were still on earth. Ephesians 1:16 “I Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers”.

1. Regularly thank God for your team members by name for what they bring to the team

Instead of looking at what a team member didn’t do or how they didn’t perform- find ways to build them up and encourage them. Thank God for the leaders as well as the followers- the young and the old. What does God want to teach me through each relationship? Some people will give you wisdom. And some difficult people will help develop your love walk! One year at our appreciation dinner we asked individuals to write what they most appreciated about another member. I compiled the notes and sent them to each person. Years later, many carry the notes with them to cherish.

2.Occasionally have your team thank each other for what they bring to the team.

One is faithful. Another is loving.  Who is insightful?  One makes the practice fun and another organizes the chaos. Whatever kind of person you are- try to value the one who is the opposite of you. We are like a jigsaw puzzle—many pieces that are uniquely different. But together make a total picture.

3.Regularly give verbal and written thanks to those who help you

Don’t forget the singers, audio men, media personnel, office administration, and instrumentalists. Text a birthday or anniversary greeting or send a card. (And never forget to start at home with your spouse and children).

When we give thanks, then the irritation ceases and gratitude replaces the bad attitude. When we become impatient with our team- consider the alternative—we could have no help at all!

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