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Devotion about Grace

September 8, 2020

The subject of today’s devotion is grace. We sing about grace. But, what is grace? Usually we define it as God’s unmerited favor. That is true, but I like to think of grace as God’s divine help and overcoming power for every situation.

I remember a time when my daughter broke a bone in her elbow and had to wear a machine to keep it in perpetual motion. I thought, “how in the world are we going to get through this since she has to sleep with it and it makes noise?” I was feeling overwhelmed and asked God for grace. He instructed me that there is a throne of grace we can come to and to take one day at a time. So each day she and I prayed for God’s grace and help to get through that one day. We repeated this for the month and God’s grace really got us through without being stressed.

Whatever you need today, God’s grace and help are there. Are you dealing with a trial? God’s help is there to get you through it as an overcomer. Are you dealing with a troubling relationship? God’s divine love is available to love the unlovely and forgive the offense. Whenever you sing about grace I encourage you to pinpoint an area in which you are believing for God to help you overcome with His grace.

When the scripture says to draw near with confidence it means God isn’t reluctant to give it. We have throne room access. We are children of God and can come boldly- without reservation or fear. Grace is more than receiving Jesus. Grace is daily receiving His help- His grace- to help us any time life gets difficult.


  1. In what area do you need grace today?
  2. Do you realize you can come boldly to access it?

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