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3 Ways to increase passion in a Worship Service

August 25, 2020

We must seek God intentionally. The Greek word for seek means to worship, inquire and desire.  So how do you seek God yourself as well as mentor your team? When we talk about seeking God, we assume that we already know Him and seek to know Him more.

1. Seek God personally and be honest with God

  • If you are struggling spiritually and feel dry then seek His refreshing and believe you receive it.
  • If you are struggling mentally seek His peace and receive it so you can serve others.
  • If you are struggling physically seek His healing power and receive it so you can serve.
  • Before you play or sing- tell God honestly from your heart what you need so you can serve others.

2. Pray with your team before service

  • Ask them if they need prayer and then pray with them
  • Be sensitive to team needs and address them
  • Direct them to seek God
  • We have a responsibility to minister to our team members before they minister to others.
  • let them know you love and care for them (not just using them to fill a function)
  • There is no reason we should be part of a ministry team without having our needs met.
  • God isn’t just concerned about the people you minister to.
  • He is also interested in blessing you so you can bless others.

3. Direct the congregation to seek God that service

  • Most of us need prompting and reminding to seek God.
  • Seeking is not just for times of need or answers you require.
  • Seeking is the heart of the believer that we strive to live every day.
  • Jesus said if we would seek we would find. Let’s believe it!
  • the best way we direct seeking God is to do it by example
  • we don’t chastise people but rather lead the way- through word and action

Prayer: Father I pray today for those reading this blog. I ask you increase their passion for You. I ask You give them what they need to help others. I ask You to increase their vision for mentoring their team in seeking God. I ask You to bless their congregation as they seek You passionately. We are God- seekers!

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