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Our God Names the Stars

August 21, 2020

Whenever we feel our situation is too big that God can’t solve or too small to bother Him, we must remember the kind of God we serve. We serve a God who created every star and calls them by name. As a kid living on a farm in Iowa, I loved to walk out at night and look at the stars. When you live away from city lights, you can really see them! Somehow looking up gave me a sense of God’s greatness. I was in awe to see God’s night lights. I still enjoy a winter night with a full moon and the way it sends tree shadows across the snow. It’s quiet and peaceful and I look up and realize God is there and always awake.

Number of the stars

Scientists say there are 7000 stars visible to the eye, though only 2000 can be seen at any one time and place. We each are only able to see a third of the stars with our human limitation of sight and space. So would it be safe to say, we humanly can’t imagine how great God is in this one area of star creation? Recent studies indicate there are far more stars than we can see. There are perhaps 200 billion in our galaxy alone. Our galaxy, the Milky Way is just one of millions of galaxies. Scientists believe there may be three thousand million billion stars. Since Psalm 102:25 states “the heavens are the work of his hands”. God has some amazing works just in making stars. He even calls each star by name. A recently discovered star is so huge that had it been close to earth, it would not have fit into the space between the earth and the sun! So whenever your problem seems huge, remember that perspective!

Calls them by name

Since there are three thousand million billion stars and He knows them by name- I guarantee He knows your name! You are not just a creation of His hand. You are a creation in His image and likeness. You have His very breath in you. As amazing as the stars are- you are far more so. You don’t merely have a created body. You are a life-breathing soul with an eternal spirit. You are God’s child and He loves you so. He knows your name and everything about you and cares for you. In the darkest hour of night, He shines forth His light for all to see He is still there!

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