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Courage and Fearlessness

August 19, 2020

The passage above really speaks to me today. I’m facing a situation where it would be easy to cower and not stand up. Difficult people make it challenging to do right sometimes. In this Scripture passage, Moses (the elder leader) is challenging Joshua (an emerging leader) to do the right thing.

Courage and fearlessness are required of leaders at every level. Parents need courage to be leaders in their families. Wherever we work, we face the challenge to not address issues because they make us uncomfortable. Allowing fear to consume us will keep us from leading. Fearfulness will often cause us to compromise what we know to be right.

The good news is that when we are courageous, God goes with us. God never advocates wimpy leadership. He states that He will not fail or forsake you. There may be some who disagree with you. There may be squeaky wheels. But we have a responsibility to ask God what the plan and His will is. Then ultimately leaders have to make the right choices.

God said He would not fail us. That should help us go ahead and “do it feeling afraid”. Sometimes I am literally shaking when I face something difficult. But I can’t let the fear keep me from doing the right thing. It won’t feel easy. It didn’t feel easy for Jesus to die on the cross. But I’m sure the beneficiary of Him doing it.

This passage of Scripture is not a gentle encouragement. This states strongly that we are to be strong and not fear. So we are to take authority over the fear in Jesus’ name. Then we are to receive God’s grace and strength to act courageously.


Are there areas in your life you are allowing fear to control you?

Are there people you are fearing or avoiding due to their negative response?

Is there an area in which God is speaking to you to be courageous?

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