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Are You an Incendiary Device?

August 13, 2020

It’s one thing to be set on fire. But As believers, it seems we are to be setting fires.  Being flammable or combustible means it’s easy to set it on fire. Because the fire of the Holy Spirit is in us, we are combustible. It’s like we have a pilot light lit all the time in our spirits. We know something has to ignite that pilot light for an oven to turn on or a furnace to kick in. We throw the switch when we say something. It can be praise, worship or confessing scripture.

But someone incendiary is setting fires. Which is what I think Paul meant when he wrote in Romans 12:11 in the Amplified Translation “Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit; serving the Lord”. It’s not enough for leaders to merely be flammable for ourselves- we’re to be incendiary to others.

How do we stay on fire so we set others on fire?

  • Being born again is the first step.
  • Stay so close to God you are thrilled with His voice and His Word.
  • It helps me to pray in tongues to stay on fire.
  • It also helps me to sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.
  • Some days it helps me to just worship and rejoice.
  • Other days it helps me to pray for others.
  • Vision will get me on fire.
  • Fresh revelation from a Scriptural passage will also.

Simply stated, I think it’s being led of the Spirit with what stokes your fire that particular day. It’s listening to His voice through the Word and prayer and also give voice to what is in your heart. Because it’s your voice that sets fires in others.

What does your spiritual fire accomplish?

  1. It can bring Scripture alive or a song become fresh and vibrant
  2. It can cause great joy to you and others
  3. It can manifest the spiritual gifts to help others
  4. It can break through deadness and dryness to make a service come alive
  5. It can spread to others and set them on fire



  1. What ways do you stay fresh and on fire?
  2. What people have been incendiary devices to you at times?



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