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How to Maintain your Peace

July 20, 2020

Peace is a gift from God. Most gifts must be maintained. Your new car needs gas and an oil change occasionally. So, too, peace is a gift but has to be maintained.

Keep Proper Perspective

There is always more than one way to see things. If you are focused on the problem, it will be hard to maintain peace. When you lose perspective, you lose peace. An example of this is Martha in the Bible story in Luke 10:41.


Luke 10:41 (PHI) But the Lord answered her, “Martha, my dear, you are worried and bothered about providing so many things…Mary has chosen the best part and you must not tear it away from her!”

Jesus is not saying it’s wrong to serve or plan or organize. But Martha lost her peace and the big perspective in serving. Jesus was in their presence and what He had to say what the big picture. Whether the linens were ironed or that extra pie baked didn’t really matter in the big scheme of things.

Whenever we are worried or bothered it  means we are out of peace or have lost perspective. Frequently people who have no peace will try to get you in stress along with them.

Questions I Ask To Keep Perspective

  • What does God have to say about this?
  • What do those who have been down this road have to say?
  • Will this matter in 10 years? What about 10 minutes?
  • What’s the worst that can happen?

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