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God didn’t want heaven without you

June 23, 2020

There will never be a more wonderful gift you will ever receive than Jesus. He is a personal gift from God. He was given to the world, but He was also given to you personally.

 Isaiah 9:6  “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given”

An act of love

For someone to give his child to another is a huge act of either love or desperation. In God’s case I think it was both. His love was so great that He didn’t want to live without you. Because we were far from God, we needed to be saved. Jesus was exactly that for us. Not only did Jesus come to live among us, He died for you in your place. The Son that came was more than a baby. He was a Redeemer.

An act of desperation

Remember when Jesus was in the Garden before his crucifixion? He asked God, “if there be any other way….”  For Jesus to die that terrible death and take on himself the effects of our sin and our sicknesses was a huge act of desperation. But there was no way that you and I could be redeemed and then born anew into God’s family. God was desperate to have you near Him forever. None of us was perfect and all of us needed a Savior.

I think  the words of verse 2 of  “What a Beautiful Name” states it well.

You didn’t want heaven without us

So Jesus You brought heaven down

My sin was great Your love was greater

What could separate us now

What a Beautiful Name” by Ben Fielding | Brooke Ligertwood


Today, remember that God loves you so much that He didn’t want heaven without you. That’s why He sent the Son Jesus.

Want to know Jesus as your personal Savior?

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