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How to mine treasure from God’s Word

May 26, 2020

About what are you passionate? Hopefully you are working in a job where you have passion.  Passion trumps ability. Piano students who have ability but no passion soon quit. I have students with passion who continue to play piano throughout life. Regardless of our passion in other areas of life, passion to know God more, will guide our spiritual lives deeper.

“My passion and delight is in your Word, for I love what you say to me! I long for more revelation of your truth, for I love the light of your word as I meditate on your decrees.” Psalm 199:47 The Passion Translation

Passion and delight in Your Word

When you read the Bible with the purpose to know God more, it becomes a journey and adventure. The Bible is more than history and poetry. It is God’s revelation of Himself. There is no person on earth who is more amazing than God. If God had not chosen to reveal Himself to us through the Bible, we would have no idea about God’s will for our lives or His love for us.

I love what You say to me!

Before I read my Bible, I ask the Holy Spirit to speak to me through it. I believe it is a love letter from God to me to instruct, correct, warn and encourage me.  Because I trust Him, I don’t fear what He will say to me. Instead I am excited (even after forty some years of reading and talking to God). Even when He corrects, He never condemns.

I long for more revelation of your truth

There is always more to be revealed as I read and study God’s Word. But just like diamonds aren’t found on top of the ground, we must dig deeper to find more revelation. Usually for me, it’s just an attitude adjustment to determine to really listen inside and apply what He says.

I love the light of your word as I meditate on your decrees

God’s Word really does enlighten me as it has believers through the ages. The greatest inventions and ideas and plans have come through God’s children taking time to be enlightened. Christopher Columbus, for example, studied God’s Word to discover the world was round and not square as his contemporaries once thought.

I encourage us all- read the Bible with the intent to receive revelation and enlightenment for life. Let our discipline of Bible reading not become routine or religious, but instead a great daily adventure!


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