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Think about Who You Worship

April 20, 2020

Worshiping idols which have no power to deliver or help is worthless. However, when we worship a God who offers us mercy when we fail and help when we are weak it is valuable. Worshiping God is not a religious activity. Worshiping God makes sense.

Let’s think about financial investments for a moment. Before you invest money, you look at the dividends and interest that will be rewarded for your investment. When you invest, you don’t choose a worthless stock. Similarly, when I worship I observe and wait and watch to see if the One I worship is worthy of my life, my time and my heart.

So what is worship? It is the thing or person you set your heart upon. It is the One you live for. Worship is an interchange with a Person or thing from which you also receive something. A drug addict worships drugs because he thinks about it all the time and gives his finances to it. We all worship something or someone.

Part of why we worship is to enter into a relationship with the one worshiped. Hero-worship is vain because that idol doesn’t even know us or care about us and will never come to our aid when we need it. But having Jesus as the focus of our worship just makes sense because He created us and loves us.

Worship is never a waste of time for us or for God. God receives benefit from our expression of love and adoration and wants to shower His affection on us.



  1. What do you give your time to?
  2. Does that thing pay back well for your investment?
  3. Are there worthless areas of your life that could be invested for greater benefit?

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