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What is a sacrifice of Praise?

April 15, 2020

I still remember when my husband bent down and asked me to marry him and extended me a box with an engagement ring. It was an expensive expression of how much he loved me. He wanted me to know by words and by the gift that he wanted me in his life.

What exactly is a sacrifice of praise? The Jewish people understood a sacrifice to be a gift or offering that cost them something. A young man will give his fiancée a valuable diamond ring to indicate to her the depths of his love. When we go to the time and money to purchase that perfect gift for a loved one it is this meaning of gift or sacrifice. We might say a treasure.

Do you realize your praise is a treasure and costly gift to God? It’s not so much that it is hard for us to give it.  The focus is on the Receiver.  “I love You God. You mean so much to me.” The focus on a treasured gift is never the amount of money or the time it took to get the right gift.

After all, what could we give God that He doesn’t have? The only thing He doesn’t own is you, your heart , your will and your words. So by offering a sacrifice of praise or a gift of praise- you are giving God the gift He wants the most- time with you! God seeks continual praise—throughout the rest of our lives. Continual means throughout the day- not just on Sundays. Continual praise is during the high times as well as the low times.


  • When you praise God- are you consciously giving Him your best?
  • When you sacrifice praise to God—is your mind concentrating on Him?
  • When you sacrifice praise to God- do you attach your affection to your words?
  • Are you purposefully offering God praise throughout each day?


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  • Reply Melinda March 13, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    Wow a good reminder!!

  • Reply Mary Kay March 13, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    Thank you, Janice.. . Trying to put God in every moment of my day.

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