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How an angel protected me

April 13, 2020

Angels are here on earth to help us. Angels aren’t merely wonderfully helpful people either. They are a different class of being who are strong and able to help us when things are physically difficult. The Bible is full of references of angels. Angels are given to us to help us and they actually encamp around us. Every one of us has an angel to protect us.

Psalm 34:7 states: “The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them.”

When I lived in Broken Arrow Oklahoma I was in the passenger seat of a car driven by a dear friend. We had just been discussing God’s protection when we pulled up to a stop light. Passing in front of us was a flat bed truck. The next thing I knew I was covered with glass as the windshield shattered all over us. We were both unharmed.  I was puzzled because there was nothing in the car that came through to cause this. When we opened my door I discovered a metal rod underneath the car. To this day I can only think that my angel blocked the piece of metal from not decapitating me in the car. I believe he deflected it and set it under the car. The trajectory of the rod that evidently flew off the truck couldn’t have broken the windshield and then ended up outside the car without something blocking it.

This isn’t the only time I have been physically protected while in a car, but it’s the time I most remember. I am so glad that God provides protection for us in situations where we can’t escape harm.

Can you remember a time when you were divinely protected in a way that couldn’t be explained as chance? Won’t it be eye-opening when we get to heaven to see all the times we were protected? God wants us to live care- free and fearlessly in this day.

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