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How to be cheerful in every season of life

March 19, 2020

“Be cheerful with joyous celebration in every season of life. Let joy overflow, for you are united with the Anointed One!” Philippians 4:3 The Passion Translation

Life is full of seasons. The joy is when you realize the season you are in and embrace it and learn and grow in that season. It is pointless to wish you were in a different season. Just remember Jesus in each season of life. He is there to help you with life. Let me share with you the things I have learned about the seasons of life I have experienced.

The single season is when you focus on improving yourself. You can pursue education or skill training and an intimate walk with God. You should volunteer and use your energy to promote someone else’s vision. You have more time in this season that in any other, so enjoy it and invest it. Find some good mentors who have gone where you want to go and study them.

The married season is when you learn to become really intimate with one person. You learn to communicate and also to really love as you put the other person before yourself. Marriage is God’s way of sharpening us in areas of private life that others may not see.

The child-raising season is when you learn the most of serving and putting others first. You learn the most of the love of God and draw upon the wisdom of God in raising your children and legacy. You become very good with time management and learn to do more with less.

The empty-nester season can be a super time to really help churches. You have more time since the kids are gone and more wisdom from raising a family. This is a great time to become a mentor. In this season you see the world as more than yourself so your prayers are enlarged for church, community, country and the world.

What are you learning in the season of life you are in now?

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