We’re in this together

March 13, 2020

“We’re in this fight together until we win the prize- for you know I’m not giving up” Philippians 1:30 The Passion Translation

What does it mean to be “in this fight together”? Sometimes a husband and wife will say that to fortify them as a team in the hard times. At times a local church will say this to mean they are going to work together through good times and bad. How big is your “together”? Does it include other believers in your city, your state and nation and the world?

The fight is not against flesh and blood

Our adversary is not people. Our adversary is the devil himself. We all are on the same side against an unseen adversary.

We will win the prize

We live in this particular time in history together and have something to accomplish.  Christians in churches in each city, state and nation each have an assignment as part of the bigger plan of God together. We’re in the body of Christ together. The prize is to finish and bring as many people with us as possible.

I’m not giving up

As leaders, can we stand and say we’re in this fight to win? We may feel like giving up, but there are people in darkness who are waiting to see the light. No matter how inconvenient or hard it is, we simply cannot give up. Each generation must reach the next. The nation of Turkey was once 60% Christian. Yet today it is .01% Christian and 99% Muslim. People must hear the good news or they won’t believe. I’m not giving up telling people about Jesus. How about you?

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