Are you Given to prayer?

February 12, 2020

Time is like a closet.  It will be filled with something. Our time is a gift we all receive the same amount of (24 hours a day).  But we choose how to use it. In order to be used by the Holy Spirit in prayer, we must yield our day to Him. We also must be disciplined to pray regularly for the things we are called to.

I Peter 4:7 (TPT) …be intentional, purposeful, and self-controlled so that you can be given to prayer

It’s important to find the time of day that works best for you. For prayer to be effective, you have to stay awake long enough to pray! Some people pray at night and others first thing in the morning.Still others pray on the way to work. It doesn’t matter when we pray, just that we do pray.

Intentional prayer means you must school yourself to pray when you don’t feel it. Purposeful prayer means you direct prayer specifically to a need and not just aimless mind wandering.Self-controlled prayer means to continue and not give up.

Being given to prayer means to realize God is looking for someone to pray. There are times when someone is in a perilous situation and God is looking for someone to pick that up in prayer. When you suddenly think about a person,  that maybe your cue to lift them in prayer. If there is a strong urgency, it might be important to stop what you’re doing if possible and take time to pray right then.

Whenever we give ourselves to pray, we will always be rewarded. The reward is knowing the Spirit used you and also spending time in His presence.

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