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What’s available for you at God’s table? Psalm 23:5

January 22, 2020

I will never forget the holiday table of my mother-in-law. It was overflowing with food and decorations and of course loving family members. It was joyous and celebrating. I think God’s table is the same. He has welcomed us to come to His table (to eat His food) and drink His drink. You’re always welcome there and never a stranger. Let’s look at God’s table.

You feed me from Your table

There are many references to food in the Bible. Some of these symbolize spiritual food. Living water symbolizes salvation. Healing is referred to as the children’s bread. The Word of God is referred to as meat. So we are invited to God’s table of blessing both physically and spiritually. Although the food is prepared by God, we still are the ones who have to eat. The New Testament refers to the Lord’s table as being our remembering the death of Jesus.  1Co 10:16  “The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ? “

In the presence of my enemies

This refers to the fact that you are at peace when you eat in spite of challenges all around. Your life is enviable and blessed so much that your enemies wish they were so blessed!

Anointed with oil

In the desert climates of the middle east, oil was used to protect people from excessive moisture loss. So they would apply oil to their bodies mixed with perfume and it was both fragrant and refreshing. Oil in the Bible usually symbolizes the Holy Spirit. When the Spirit of God is allowed to work in our lives, we become flexible and not hard. We become refreshed and able to continue to work even when going through the heat of trials. Oil was also used to wash the feet of travelers. God has provided the Holy Spirit to live in us and give us the power we need to live every day with joy.

My cup runs over

At God’s table is surplus or more than enough. When he fills your cup with blessings, it’s not partially full, but rather it runs over and blesses others. When He fills you with His Spirit, you overflow with joy and anointing. We are encouraged not to be drunk with wine but be continually filled with the Spirit. So drink up!

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