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4 things a good shepherd provides from Psalm 23:1

January 17, 2020

Jesus is our good shepherd and is a constant companion- not a faraway God. Some think He created the world and then left us to ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. God’s intent has always been to draw us close and get involved in our lives. Obviously the shepherd cares for the sheep in many ways.

1.Primarily the shepherd feeds

We need physical food as well as spiritual food. Our spiritual food is found in the Word of God and needs to be taken daily. This is not a religious task, but an enjoyable feast with the Teacher tearing off bites of truth that we can ingest that day. A good shepherd also has the responsibility of making sure your physical needs are met as well, so this includes financial supply.

2.A good shepherd guides

A  human shepherd will guide the sheep from harm and into fields where they can safely graze. The Holy Spirit is our internal guide Who gently nudges us into making right decisions and both the large and the small details.

 3.A good shepherd shields

Every day there are enemies from which we need protection. John 10:10 states “the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it more abundantly”. Our thief, the devil, is the source of anything that kills, steals or destroys in our life. Jesus our Shepherd is the One who shields us by giving us the protection of the name of Jesus. In that name we can stop the works of the evil one. He also provides angels to protect us from physical harm. There have been countless times God’s angels have protected me from car accidents and harm. We can expect and receive that protection in this earthly life.

4.We shall not want

The word “want” comes from a Hebrew word that means we shall not fail. We shall not lessen. We shall not be bereaved. We shall not decrease. We shall have no lack in any area. This includes earthly desires as well as spiritual needs and wants. So we can freely say “I shall not want for anything financially or relationally or spiritually. Simply be reminded that He is everything you need and believe you receive when you pray for anything you lack.

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