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How to Set your affection on things above

January 2, 2020

Remember the days of your first love? You couldn’t get your sweetheart out of your mind. You were looking constantly to please him. You wanted to give him or her gifts and spend time with them. Somehow life has a way of diluting our affection with new sparkly things that glitter and shine. But over time they don’t always fill us. That’s why this Scripture reminds us to set our heart on eternal things of God. God things never go out of date. They never wear out. They never let us down. Our affection expressed to God will always be rewarded with His presence.

To set your affection means to keep thinking about. It means to set your mind upon something. It requires concentration to keep thinking about pleasing God and not necessarily people.  It means our concentration isn’t on success or performance. What if in every worship service we just seek to worship God and please Him? Period.

Half the worship team doesn’t arrive or the set just doesn’t work out right. Is that the goal a perfect performance? If we keep our thoughts and hearts focused on pleasing Him, we will be less apt to become discouraged when the sound man misses the cue.

The congregation comes to have an encounter with God. What about the music team? Are we so consumed with the chord changes and transitions that we ourselves fail to encounter Him? Let’s be sure to worship at home with our music before coming to service, so it is real and fresh to us. Then it will be real and fresh every service.

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