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It’s Foolish to Compare Yourself

January 1, 2020

Musicians (like athletes) are competitive. As a young musician I competed for ratings. I was always the big fish in the little pond. But when I went to college, suddenly the pond was vast and my gift seemed so small. I didn’t see the big picture that at college I was in a music department with some of the best. I nearly choked and bailed out of music altogether because I compared myself with others and found myself lacking. It wasn’t a true assessment, but it was how I viewed it.

The same thing happens even as an adult. You attend a conference and compare notes with those from larger churches or teams and sometimes feel you fall short. As I get older I can see more clearly that every person is placed by God in the harvest field He chooses. Your gift might not fit in one geographical area, but is exactly right in another.

The scripture illustrated above says it’s foolish to compare ourselves with others. Our gifts and calls don’t belong to us. They are gifts through which others are to be blessed. A musical composer chooses just the right solo instrument in an orchestra arrangement. Similarly, God is the Composer who chooses us as His instruments in each worship band and each team in a church. Every individual has an important purpose that differs. Therefore, we are not wise to compare our talents with others or belittle any contribution. Each voice matters and is significant. Your gift may not be as flamboyant as another’s, but it is just the right gift for God’s symphony.

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