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We are God’s Temple

December 26, 2019

People walk by a church building and say “there is the house of God”. But does God actually live in that building? No matter how wonderful the building looks or how great the service inside, no building is God’s house. Buildings set aside to worship God are dedicated to him and for His purpose, which is fine. But to say a building is God’s house would be to reduce God to a location or place.

We are the temple of God

Instead, the Bible clearly reveals that the believer in Jesus becomes brand new and the Spirit of God inhabits him. Therefore we, the believers in Jesus, are God’s house and the place where he lives and dwells. Everywhere a believer goes- God goes. That means whenever you walk into work, you bring God’s presence and His light. You light up a place when you walk in and reflect His love to the world in which you live.

God lives in us

We don’t reduce God by saying we are His temples. He wants to accompany every person on the earth with His presence. God’s presence dwelling in us doesn’t have a selfish motive of domination. Instead, God’s presence of love and joy and peace desires to bring that not just to you- but in you. When we understand deeply that He never leaves  or forsakes us, we are never alone. When we perceive God’s very own love and joy and peace are in us- we guard these against every enemy that attempts to steal them from us.

They are my people

Many people claim to be God’s people or disclaim others as not His people. It’s not outward denominational tags that get us into heaven. And we can’t exclude those of other denominations simply because we disagree with theological details. Jesus Himself said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by Me”. That is exclusive to say that only those who accept Jesus as Savior have found God’s way to the Father. Only God knows who has made that decision from the heart. But it is also inclusive to say we are God’s house as individuals who are Christians. Either God lives in us through the Holy Spirit or He doesn’t .  Any person who has accepted Jesus as their personal Savior has the Spirit of God living in them and is a temple of God. God is a living God who lives in human spirits- not in houses made by man. We don’t attain this status through good works any more than we attain the status of human. This is not to say good works have no place in pleasing God- but they don’t get us to heaven (that’s Jesus’ job)!

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