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God’s got an ocean of love for you

December 19, 2019

I love sitting at the beach looking at the ocean on vacation. I watch the tide and the horizon and see the vastness of God’s love. It is limitless! It is miles deep and wide.

Imagine a gigantic sheet the size of the Atlantic Ocean. Then imagine that ocean being placed on that sheet that is suspended in the air. The power of that vast ocean is wanting to break through that barrier. Now imagine that ocean represents God’s love to you. It is so deep and wide and vast and its weight longs to break through into your life. That love is not there to flood you, but rather to bless you. It waits to ask permission into your life. But it longs for a place to break through.

How frequently we fear things and forget how great is our God and His love. Don’t waste time trying to figure out why things didn’t work in the past. Instead live today with a sense of the immense love of God to you that knows no conditions. Nothing you do can stop His love for you. He forgives your past. Today when you look at God’s creation from the tiniest atom to the greatest mountain, realize that is an example of the amazing love of God to you.

It is indeed simple to understand but deep to personalize. Let’s go beyond an intellectual understanding of God’s love to really believing it for ourselves! Yes God loves even me. He knows everything about me and still loves me.

Prayer: Lord, open my eyes today to see everywhere your great love displayed to me. In the darkest cave You are there. In the deepest situation You can still reach me. I believe You love me. I receive Your love today. And I give that love to others today.

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