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2 Practical Ways God’s Word Enlightens You

December 5, 2019

God’s Word is so amazing. It is more than a history book. It is more than a devotional. It is God’s very own Word to me. Amazingly it is timeless- just as God’s wisdom is! Today let’s talk about 2 ways God’s Word brings us light.

1. Your Word is a lamp that guides my steps

We have all woken up at night and tried to pick our way to the bathroom without a light. Sometimes we trip and fall. Sometimes we make it by extending our hands to the walls. I now have a little flashlight by my bed so when I get up at night I can see where I’m stepping.

This word lamp referred to in Psalm 119:105 refers to a portable lamp or illuminator. It could be a candle  or a flashlight. God’s Word is portable. You read it and meditate it and you put it in your mind. When it becomes real to you it drops down in your spirit. That’s like putting in the flashlight battery. Then you switch it on when you speak it.

Let’s say you wake up feeling blah and you decide to guide your day by saying “this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it”. You have taken your portable Word device in your mouth and shed light on your steps to determine the direction your day will take.

2. Your Word is a light that shows my path

The word light in this case refers to something luminous by rays that shines or makes manifest the path that is worn by use. This is a broader sense of light- like turning on the light switch in your room. Our paths are more our destiny or our purpose or the plan of God for us. The Word of God gives us a commission to love one another. That’s a Word that dictates our behavior. The Word gives us a commission to make disciples. That is a mandate. Both of these Words are lights that show our path. So when the ordinary activities of life block out your direction, stop and turn on the light of God’s Word that reminds you why you are here. I am here to worship God. I am here to love people. I am here to make disciples and share Jesus.

Today think about when  the Word of God is a lamp and when it is a light. Send a comment of your thoughts.

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