4 Areas to Evaluate Worship Team Success

December 2, 2019

I sometimes wish God would give me a report card to show how I’m doing. Then I could study more or get better or maybe just feel good about how I’m doing.  Let’s examine 4 important elements in a worship service to evaluate.

Evaluate spiritual growth of team

Are your team members growing in their walk with God? I try to view my team as a small group. We discuss worship on a personal level. We pray together. I encourage more seasoned members to lead prayer. We are blessed by each contribution.

Evaluate musicianship

Part of the worship practice is devoted to continually teaching about music theory. We discuss transitions and practice them. We learn from each other how to communicate between the drummer and guitar and piano. Can we improve vocally to project better?

Evaluate how you connect with congregation

Are our song choices connecting with our group of people? Are we performing or are we leading the congregation to draw closer to God? Which songs are working for our particular congregation? Are there too many songs or are the ranges too high? Are the comments between songs valuable or unnecessary?

Evaluate Your Mentoring

We are all at different places in ministry. But as we grow we do want to bear more fruit. It is a continual process. And just when we feel we get our team right, somebody moves away and we begin to train a brand new team again. That is what worship ministry is about. We grow ourselves and our team and the congregation to connect with God’s goodness. The older train the younger. The more mature pass on to the less mature.

Here are some fruit indicators to evaluate

  • How did we minister to God?
  • How did we connect to the congregation?
  • How did the music team grow together today?
  • Did I mentor my team or put out fires correctly?
  • Did I help people draw closer to God today?

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