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How hands are involved in giving thanks

November 27, 2019

Giving thanks seems like something to do with your mouth right? This scripture implies much more. The phrase “give thanks” comes from the Hebrew word “yadah”. The word “yad” means hand. It refers to worshiping with extended hands and holding out the hands in thanksgiving.

Upraised hands of love and affection

Picture the upraised hands of a three year old waiting to be picked up by his grandpa. When we raise our hands in worship and thanksgiving to God we are expressing our heart of love to Him. We are expressing that we want to connect with Him. Since our God is spirit- it’s a spirit connection but using our hands helps. When we greet a relative we haven’t seen in some time, we usually connect with a hug or handshake.

 Upraised hands of victory

Picture a touchdown and the referee raises his hands for the victory. Picture the volleyball game your team won and there are hand claps and hugs. When we give thanks to God for all He has done it is appropriate to use body language. Any normal human experience of pure joy always uses the body to express it. Our thanksgiving to God originates in our heart but it is expressed through words and action.

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