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3 Amazing Things about being God’s chosen people (1 Peter 2:9-10)

November 18, 2019

 I love the stories where a common-born pauper discovers he is really a prince. The common girl discovers her Dad was a prince and then the make-over begins.

1. You are God’s favorite offspring

Most of us don’t feel very special. We are common born paupers until we are uncommonly reborn! We become chosen or God’s favorites when we invite Jesus to be our Savior and He gives us new birth. The Spirit of God Himself comes to live in us.

2.You change your race

We come into a new family. God’s family is royalty so we become the king’s priests. It’s a kingly fraternity. We join a consecrated race or tribe. You may say you are Caucasian or Asian. That’s merely skin color. When you become reborn Christian you are in a new race- believer. It’s a set-apart race that you can choose to join. You may be born the first time outwardly, but you can choose your race inwardly by joining a new family- God’s. Then His DNA and nature are given to you to live like a king. It’s not an outward rule or change- it’s an inward transformation. We are purchased possessions by Jesus’ blood.

3.You are God’s Advertisement

God chose you and your body to inhabit with His love. Your first born life was obscure and weak. Your rebirth is filled with joy, peace, love, and purpose. We are filled with God’s Spirit and brought out of a dark meaningless life and taken into Jesus’ wonderful luminosity! That means His light shines through us. That’s why we are God’s special edition and testimony that absolutely God is real. When He comes in my life He brings everything He is with Him!

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