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How do you maintain peace?

November 15, 2019

My neighbors are both retired farmers who maintain their yards with all the necessary nutrients that make our neighborhood look great. I appreciate the great grass which is always green and never too long. They are gold medal winning lawn maintainers. They have to work to make it look that good because there are weeds to fight.

Peace starts with me

So I’m looking at the phrase “maintainers of peace” in this passage of scripture and ask myself “am I doing this”? First of all, with whom do I need to maintain this peace? With myself, with God and others? Since God gave me His peace, I have it. But I have to maintain it because the weeds of worry or doubt or circumstance try to come and choke out my peace. So on purpose I maintain my peace personally so when I encounter people I am full of peace.

Peace with Others

Secondly, how do I maintain peace with others? Anytime I help diffuse conflicts by a wise word or redirection I am maintaining peace. This scripture indicates there is blessing when there is peace. Solving problems and being organized maintains peace. Preparing beforehand and communicating in advance maintains peace. Giving people plenty of time to prepare maintains peace. Being consistent maintains peace.


  1. What am I doing to come into every practice and service with peace?
  2. How am I preparing in advance so my team is at peace?
  3. How am I maintaining peace in my interpersonal relationships?

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