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How God is a Shield

November 12, 2019

It’s so amazing that God Himself will be our shield of protection when we take refuge in Him. We sometimes need protection physically from harm. Other times we need protection emotionally when under stress. Other times we need spiritual protection from attacks from people or satan himself.

God is your shield and reward

God declared to Abraham in Genesis 15:1  “I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward”. Knowing God loves us and is able to shield us from all harm is comforting. The shield referred to above in both instances is a buckler or a small defensive shield used in combat. A reward is always a good thing. We always win when God is our shield. We always receive a reward from standing in tough times with God as our Shield.

My experience with God’s Shield

I recently experienced the shield of God when I was verbally attacked. Before the confrontation I had prayed and received God’s love and asked for his help that day. As I  listened to the lies and accusations flung my way, I was surprised to find it didn’t penetrate my heart. I felt the battle around me, but it didn’t steal my joy. It was like I was watching a movie and I was one of the characters. God really was my shield that day. I had no need to defend myself verbally and enter the battle because I was aware God was on my side. That was the day I needed a door- sized shield of protection!

God is the shield who stands between you and your enemy. He always wants to protect you from harm. But we must believe His Word is powerful as a shield and He cannot lie or fail us.


Do you recall an incident where God was your shield?

Can you remember using your shield in active combat in prayer?

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