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3 Ways to tell the Good News

October 18, 2019

How can we not tell others about how wonderful God is? It is a privilege to share what Jesus has done in our lives. But do you think of yourself as an evangelist?  While there are those called to the office of the evangelist, we are all called to tell the good news.

1.Tell about Jesus in word and song

No matter what our job description requires, the work of an evangelist is part of all of our jobs from the Lord. Telling the good news is what we do all week long. We sing about the good news that God loves us so much He sent us Jesus. People are drawn to Jesus as we sing about Him with passion in your hearts. We are simply giving  testimony that Jesus is real and we have a relationship with Him.

2.Pray for the sick

Part of an evangelist’s job is praying for the sick. We can use our authority to pray for team members on the spot when they are suffering.  It is part of our commission in the Great Commission that believers lay hands on the sick and they recover.

3.Fully perform your duties

Finally the scripture says fully perform all the duties of our ministry. This part is hard sometimes because we like some parts of our job but dislike others- like maybe praying or practicing or filing our music or (you fill in the blank). It’s important to fully from the heart do all the duties of the ministry with joy! We can choose to do it all for the Lord and to the Lord- the platform part and the practice part. There is the part people see and the part they don’t. They don’t see your prayer or practice- but it is part of your duty (and privilege).


  1. Am I conscious of telling the good news when I lead praise?
  2. Do I fully perform all my duties- or just those others see?

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