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4 Ways to Keep Peace in your Team

October 16, 2019

We all deal with situations that bring out anger. Someone fails to show up to practice and doesn’t let you know. Maybe there is gossiping on the team. Here’s 4 steps that have helped me not to give place to the devil or anything he brings into the team.

Step 1 Be rested physically and spiritually

I constantly need to be rested and full of the Spirit so I won’t respond in anger and make a situation worse. We never expect to be tripped up on the church platform, but it happens. When I lose my peace I give a place to the devil in the service and in the team. It seems justifiable at the time because there was a wrong committed. But wrong timing and wrong response merely diffuse the team of any joy.

Step 2 Learn to refocus

Rather than be angry at the people and cause it to hinder me in the service, I just have to learn to adjust to the condition. Maybe last minute changes will mean changing songs or something. The most important thing is not a perfect service but rather that we maintained peace and love in an awkward situation and continued to praise God.

Step 3 Communicate regularly

Even though we have things written in job descriptions, when was the last time we discussed them?  What is the plan when somebody is sick or has an emergency? What is the best phone Sunday morning for you to get the message? Can each member take responsibility to find their own replacement?

Step 4 Anticipate emergencies

As long as we work with people we will have opportunities to respond either in the spirit or in the flesh. I have discovered that knowing what I will do beforehand when an emergency arises really helps not give place to the devil.

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