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You can confide in God

July 9, 2019

When something tragic happens we have a need to confide in someone. It seems too big to keep to ourselves. Whether it’s the good news “I’m pregnant” or the bad “I lost my job” it simply needs to be shared. But have you ever confided in someone and their response wasn’t what you needed? You shared good news and they didn’t appropriately rejoice with you? Or when you shared bad news, they didn’t offer to console you?

God always knows the right thing to say. “Blessed- happy, fortunate and to be envied- are all those who seek refuge and put their trust in Him!” Psalms 2:12b Amp. The meaning of the word “put their trust” is also “confide in”.  So we could say “Happy are those who confide in God”. That’s because He always has the appropriate thing to say and the right consolation or celebration to give.

But too often, we share with everyone else before we share with God. He alone can give us the perspective we need. Isn’t it a wonderful privilege we have to be able to confide in Him anytime or anywhere? Mom might not be here or your best friend may be busy. But God, your perfect confidante is always there. This is why we sometimes ignore Him. Anything that is easy to access we sometimes take for granted.

Another translation of “put their trust in” is “Happy are all they that take refuge in Him.” Sometimes you need a refuge- a safe place to just recuperate.  When you realize that you are seated with Christ in heavenly places- you have such a safe place to be loved and accepted.

Prayer: Thank You Father that you are always there when I need to talk. You always have the right response to everything. You are my refuge when I’m going through storms. I trust You.

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