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    What a 3 year old can teach you about worship  

    June 7, 2018

    Yesterday I was bike riding with my daughter. In her bike trailer were my 2 grandchildren ages nearly 2 and 3 1/2 years old. As we ride, I hear my grandson age 3 ½ begin singing “Calvary Covers it All”. This is not the first time I have witnessed his rendition. He sings in the car. He sings in his bed while going to sleep. He sings when taking a walk. He is a worshiper. He wants to be a worship leader and asks when he can sing with the church team.

    Jesus spoke about true worship as recorded in John 4:23:

    “Worshiping the Father will not be a matter of the right place but with the right heart. For God is a Spirit and he longs to have sincere worshipers who worship and adore him in the realm of the Spirit and in truth” John 4:23 The Passion Translation

    The following are three things I learned from observing a 3 year old worshiping.

    1.You can worship God anywhere

    Worship isn’t singing that is done in church. That would be a concert or performance. Worship comes out of a heart that loves God. Worship also comes from a joyful heart. Worship is grateful. The song of a 3 year old is carefree and happy. Oh, let’s worship like a 3 year old!

    2.We worship for God to hear

    We don’t sing songs of worship to be heard of men. We are just expressing our heart of love to our Father and Savior. My grandson sometimes will stop singing if you look at him while he’s singing. His little born again spirit (yes he accepted Jesus as his savior with his mommy last year!) simply is happy and content. As happy as I am that he loves to sing, how much more is our Savior happy to hear our worship!

     3.Worship doesn’t have to be musically flawless or on key

    The  3 year old doesn’t sing all the words correctly. He doesn’t follow the melody line well. But his genuine attempts put a big smile on my face and my heart is ecstatic. I just know the Heavenly Father smiles as well.

    I’m a music teacher so I’m always correcting mistakes. But God is simply accepting our praise as flawed as it may be. Remember our worship is an expression of our heart condition. Let’s not get so caught up in the perfect performance, all the right notes and words that we limit worship to a recording or awesome performance. Is the worship God is looking for primarily a song we sing while driving or taking a bike ride? Are we worshipers limited to singing along with the radio or recording and missing the daily times to praise and worship with a new song? And more importantly are we worshiping all day long? Have we learned from the 3 year olds to cast our cares and enjoy our Savior all day long?

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