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    Fresh Insight on Psalm 100:2

    January 15, 2020

    Singing is something we take for granted. But isn’t it wonderful that we can sing? Today I want to look at the Hebrew words in this verse to give them fresh meaning.

    Serve the Lord means to labor or worship. Sometimes when we don’t “feel” like singing and our heart is heavy it can be a labor to praise. Our minds can be consumed with the negative. This is exactly why the Lord continually gives us the admonition to praise. Praise helps us and gets us back in contact with our Mighty God.

    With gladness- indicates there is a difference between obediently serving without a willing heart. As parents, we appreciate when our children obey with a glad heart. The job gets done so much more quickly. Gladness is a decision more than a feeling. In fact “the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land” Isaiah 1:19

    Come  indicates we make an effort. Church attendance is an effort that is rewarded and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But don’t merely bring your body. Bring your mind. Bring your happy heart.

    Before His Presence is a special place. The word presence indicates face to face contact. When we understand Jesus provided the way for us to come face to face with God it changes everything. When we live in His presence, we live unashamed. When we are tender to Him, we can come and look Him in the face. When I have sinned, I simply ask forgiveness (like I do with any friend). Then I accept His ready forgiveness. We can come boldly to the throne of our Heavenly Father.

    Come With Singing– and not whining or crying or begging. Songs contain positive prayers. Songs contain what’s in our hearts. Songs contain Bible truth. These are the songs we are to present to our Father and to Jesus our Savior. The singing in the church is a special treat. It is worship with believers that brings us into God’s presence in a special way. God likes to hang out with us all week long. But there is a special time when He is the guest of honor and we His loving children. When friends come together to celebrate your birthday, you realize you are the guest of honor and they sing “Happy birthday” and you feel loved. I believe that’s how God feels when we sing from our heart to worship Him on Sunday.

    Call to Worship

    Scripture encourages us in Psa 100:2  to Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing. When we sing praises to God we serve Him and honor Him. Do you realize people are the only one of God’s creatures who can sing words to Him? Bird tweet and cows moo, but only man praises God with words He understands.

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