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    How songs are truth containers

    January 2, 2019

    There are containers for everything from shoes to candy. But words are containers of truth or lies. Lies come in all shapes and sizes. Frequently we don’t recognize the lies. Lack of self-esteem is a lie . “I may not make it” is a lie. “ I can’t do it” is a lie. Truth is always the answer to a lie. The enemy wants us to believe the lie. Jesus wants us to believe the truth and speak it to the lie. There are many lies that we are exposed to throughout the week either by the media or co-workers or even our own self-talk.

    Jesus said as recorded in John 8:32  ABP  “And you shall know  the  truth, and the  truth shall free  you.

    Since truth frees us, it’s important to know what is truth. Our worship services are based on the truth of the Word of God. We sing it in our songs. We pray it in our prayers. We hear it in the sermon. Jesus said truth would free you from lies.

    Songs are Truth containers

    Songs carry different amounts of truth. Some carry 100% truth and no additives. Some songs carry 10% truth and 90% fillers. Our goal as worship leaders is to choose songs with truth and no lies. How we determine truth is by the Word of God. Men have many ideas- but God is Truth.

    So in every worship service (or even your own song listening time) we are filling ourselves with truth. People coming into our services may think “God doesn’t love me” and when you sing a song with the words “O how He loves me” that can set them free of that lie. Perhaps they are dealing with fearful thoughts that need the words of Truth “God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear” that can set them free from this.

    Just remember, when we choose a particular song, it is the answer of God to someone’s problem that week. So it is important that we are led of God with the songs we choose.  We need to be certain they are full of God’s truth, because somebody out there needs to be set free from the devil’s oppression and lies. When they sing with you, they are overcoming the lie with their words and there is power in that. So this week, ask yourself what is the truth in the songs you are singing?

    • We are declaring the truth that God is bigger than the problem when we sing “Unstoppable God”
    • We are declaring the truth we are loved as we sing “Jesus Loves Me”
    • We are declaring the truth that we won’t give up when we sing “Overcome”

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