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    20 Questions to ask the Elderly

    July 5, 2018

    My Dad is in assisted living. When I recently took him to a doctor’s appointment, he was confronted with these 2 questions. “How do you like it there?” and “How’s the food?” It was a set up for negative responses to both. I humorously respond “Well, my cooking isn’t that great either some days”. But honestly, who would choose to not be living at home? Why do we confront the elderly with these thoughts continually? My elderly friend Rudy responds to the question “How are you doing today?” with “I might as well not complain. Nobody wants to hear it anyway”.

    So here are some fresh questions to try out on your elderly friend to get a meaningful dialog. You will discover some very interesting and intelligent people if you just inquire. Let’s ask the questions that help that person have a happy memory!

    1. What is the most interesting thing that happened to you this week?
    2. How did you celebrate (whatever holiday is current) as a kid?
    3. Tell me about your children and grandchildren
    4. What was your vocation before you retired?
    5. For what are you most thankful?
    6. What is your favorite meal?
    7. Did you ever cook?
    8. What states have you visited?
    9. Have you ever traveled overseas?
    10. Tell me about your spouse
    11. Did you ever serve in the military?
    12. What season do you like best?
    13. Were you an athlete/ musician/ gardener?
    14. What hobbies have you liked in the past?
    15. What is your favorite hymn—can we sing it together?
    16. What is the highest level of education you achieved and where did you study?
    17. Do you have a collection?
    18. Tell me about the people in your photos
    19. When did you come to know Jesus personally and how did that happen?
    20. Who is your favorite person at this facility and why?

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