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    How your Words determine your happiness

    October 25, 2019

    We all want to be happy right? We want to enjoy life. The scripture guides us with a key to be happy – it’s our verbal response to life.

    1Peter 3:10  The Scriptures say, “If you want to enjoy true life and have only good days, then avoid saying anything hurtful, and never let a lie come out of your mouth. ERV

    Avoiding saying anything hurtful is a big challenge. It begins with self-talk and includes what we say to others. Our talk is not to manipulate by putting others or ourselves down. Our talk is to be like God’s- always building others (and ourselves) up.


    Telling lies seems obvious enough. But  the Greek word here for “lies” means deceptive or a decoy which sounds pretty devilish to me. When I study the way the devil deceived Adam and tempted Jesus, the deception was doubting God’s Word. The enemy knows you well enough to know what bait to use to trick you. Everybody has a different weakness in thought or ambition or sin. Knowing your weakness will help you build up that weak area with the Word to combat with God’s Word when the attack comes.

    It’s a lie to say “you’ll never amount to much”. It’s a lie to say “you don’t have what it takes”. God’s Word says I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. That’s truth. What we may feel or even see at the moment is a decoy, a trick to get you to exchange the Truth for a lie.


    • Can you identify an area or two in your life where you aren’t speaking truth?
    • Are you allowing some negativity to steal your happiness?

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